Diagnostic and Therapeutic Lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Unit

Endoscopy staff member smiling

The Endoscopy Unit provides endoscopic services for the diagnosis of lower GI conditions and delivers lower GI therapeutic procedures.

How do I get referred for a Lower GI Endoscopy appointment?


You will be referred either directly by your GP, or you will see a doctor in the outpatient department who will refer you to our department for a procedure.

How long does it take to get an appointment?


It depends on the type of referral made.

If the referral meets a criteria for an urgent test, then an appointment will be offered within a two week period.

We strongly advise that you make yourself available to attend during this time.

If the procedure does not meet this criteria, then an appointment will be made within a 6 week period.

What should I do before my appointment?

You should read the pack of information that has been sent to you by our administrative team, very carefully at your earliest convenience.

The pack will contain a letter confirming the date and time of your appointment, a fact sheet, a procedure patient information leaflet and a personal detail confirmation form.

The fact sheet contains a list of medications which you should contact the unit on 01483 571 122 Ext: 4409 to discuss at your earliest convenience to avoid delaying or cancellation of your procedure.

You may be sent out bowel preparation medication or an enema for the lower GI investigation.

You should read the instructions carefully prior to taking them.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Endoscopy Unit on 01483 571 122 Ext:4409.


What happens at my appointment?


You will check in with the receptionist and a nurse will come and take you through to be admitted. The nurse will check your details, observations and will get you changed for your test if appropriate.

You may need a cannula inserting if sedation is required or desired.

You will be consented by a senior nurse or by an endoscopist. You will be taken to the procedure room whereby a safety checklist will be undertaken to confirm pertinent safety details. The procedure length will depend on what the doctor has requested.

Post procedure you will be taken through to recovery to recover from the procedure and the sedative medications.

Once you are stable and ready for transfer you will be taken through to our patient lounge. One of our staff will offer you a hot drink, sandwich and biscuits.

Once your lift attends the unit, we will discharge you into the care of your designated person.

You will be informed of findings and post procedure expectations, follow up and timings for any results.