The role of the Board Directors

NHS Boards play an important role in the management and delivery of healthcare services. They are there to ensure that the organisation they are part of is well led, delivers safe, high quality care and maintains good governance practices.

We have 17 board members who sit on our Board of Directors team, which you can read about here.

Our Board of Directors strive to build patient, public and stakeholder confidence in the services we provide. They ensure that at the Royal Surrey we:

  • Deliver safe and high quality health and care services
  • Invest our resources wisely, to achieve the greatest benefit to patients and service users
  • Ensure that patients and members of public can be a part of re-shaping health services to meet their needs.

Altogether we have seven Non-Executive Directors and eight Executive Directors who are jointly responsible for the effective management of Royal Surrey NHS Foundation Trust. 

The Non-Executive Directors ensure that the Board practice in the best interests of patients and the public. They use their knowledge, skills and experience to help the Board formulate Trust strategies and actively support and promote a healthy organisational culture. Read more about the Non-Executive Directors here.

The Executive Directors meet regularly to address matters concerning the Trust, including matters on strategy and operational management, as well as any issues regarding staff or patients. Read more about our Executive Directors here.

Both the Non-Executive Directors and the Executive Directors regularly speak with patients and staff, listening to their views, ideas and concerns.