Support at home after your hospital stay

Although no longer needing intensive treatment, you may still require further treatment or rehabilitation.

If this is the case, as part of your continuing care, you may be offered the opportunity to transfer to a Community Hospital such as Milford or Haslemere. These hospitals continue the expert care you need.

Intermediate Care

There are also options for being looked after in your own home, by a team of Nurses, Therapists and specially trained Support Workers who can provide short-term specialist rehabilitation in your own home to help you to regain independence. We call these services Intermediate Care.

Social Services

Our Hospital Social Services Department may assess whether you are eligible (following a financial assessment) for social services care (e.g. care at home or a day centres etc.) and any specialist services. If you are not eligible they will give you information on private homecare providers.

What if I can’t manage at home?

If it is agreed that you will not be able to manage at home, even with help, our social services team and discharge case managers will advise about suitable residential and nursing homes.

Once you or our hospital discharge team find a suitable home, the hospital asks that you choose the most suitable home that has a vacancy and can accept you within 7-10 days. Staying in hospital when you are medically fit is not an option.

Transfer to alternative accommodation

After the decision has been made that you no longer require inpatient care.

It is not possible for you to remain in hospital for more than a short period. Therefore, until a place becomes available, you may wait in an alternative home whilst the one of your choice becomes available.

Will I have to pay?

You do not have to pay for an assessment of your needs or for any advice and information given to you. All information is confidential.

You do not have to pay for health-based services such as District Nurses, Health Visitors or Intermediate Care Team.

If you require a Social Services package of care, you may have to make a financial contribution. You or your family will need to fill in a confidential form giving details of your financial position.

This form will be given to you by the Social Services Department or the discharge case manager. We ask you to complete this promptly.

If you are able to fund your own care, whether at home or in a residential or nursing home, you may wish to make use of private agencies.