Birth & Beyond antenatal and postnatal courses

Birth and Beyond is directly affiliated with your midwifery care at Royal Surrey maternity, rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission. This antenatal education offers you continuity of care and support for your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

In due-date based groups, our registered midwives guide you through up-to date evidence based information and pragmatic tips in a relaxed and open minded environment.

With on demand, live stream and face to face formats you choose when and how you access the content you need and if you want to network with local parents-to-be.

Our free of charge course is recommended for all our clients. This equips you with the essentials for pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period. Register for Birth and Beyond Complimentary to access the live stream tour of the maternity unit.

Our not-for-profit paid for courses offer broader choice, time to cover topics in detail and small group sizes defined by your due-date and locality.

More detail and how to book can be discovered below. 

Birth & Beyond Complimentary

Birth and Beyond Complimentary is recommended for all birthing people and their partners registered with Royal Surrey maternity.

This free of charge course covers the essential elements of pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period. Here are the reasons why you should register for Birth and Beyond Complimentary;

  • Your access to the live stream tour of our midwife led birthing suite and postnatal ward 
  • 8 hours of live sessions, available on demand if you miss it
  • Ability to direct your questions to our midwives during live streams
  • 24/7 access to information via your due date antenatal education hub

Accessing your due date antenatal education hub is simple.  Within your booking email, there will be a link to your recommended Facebook hub or search on Facebook for AE Hub: For[due month] [due year] e.g, AE Hub: For January 2022.

To confirm your eligibility to Birth and Beyond Complimentary classes and resources, answer the joining questions and confirm that you have read and agreed to the group’s rules. Failure to do so will result in your request being declined. Usernames may be used within the hub but registration requires your given name to confirm your request to join.

Birth & Beyond Core Online

Birth and Beyond Core is the option for birthing people seeking small group, live stream classes with time to cover topics in more detail.

This paid for option provides;

  • 6x live stream fully interactive weekday evening sessions
  • Opportunity to network with parents-to-be with the same due date, 15 couples per group
  • 18 hours of live streamed content including early labour, birth partner role, variations in birth and post-natal recovery
  • Infant nutrition session with our Infant Feeding team
  • First Aid for new parents included
  • Royal Relaxation course at no extra cost

Confirm your place and access to your specialist educator midwives via our Eventbrite page.

Birth & Beyond Complete

Birth and Beyond Complete is ideal for first time parents and if you are seeking tailored content, in-person practical workshops and opportunities to network with parents-to-be in your area.

This paid for package includes;

  • Over 30 hours of registered midwife led workshops across 22 sessions
  • In depth tailored content including early labour, birth partner role, variations in birth and post-natal recovery
  • Hypnobirthing workshop
  • Complimentary access to Royal relaxation
  • First Aid for New Parents
  • Baby and Me new born class
  • Baby Massage
  • Postnatal wellbeing walk

Book a place for you and your birth partner on our comprehensive antenatal and parentcraft course via our Eventbrite page.


Birth & Beyond Waterbirth Workshop

Water immersion in labour has several perceived benefits. This workshop is for you if you would like to know what you can expect when using a birthing pool.  Led by experienced midwives, you will receive up-to-date evidence based and accurate information to empower you to make informed decisions about your care.

This two hour paid for workshop includes;

  • The benefits of water for the birthing person and their baby
  • How we can support you in your choice to labour and/or birth in water at Royal Surrey
  • The practicalities and wat to wear
  • Special considerations including the consultant led pool room
  • Role of birth partners and coping methods which complement the use of the pool

Book tickets for you and your birth partner via our our Eventbrite page.

Birth & Beyond Royal Relaxation Course

Take time out to focus on your wellbeing. Join a virtual room to learn mindful relaxation techniques and tools to calm your mind.  Facilitated by experienced hypnobirthing registered midwives, you start this course at around 28 weeks but you can join at any stage of pregnancy.  Each week you will discuss a scheduled topic followed by a live relaxation session.

This is what you can expect from the course;

  • 6x 45 minute workshops each week for six weeks
  • Live streamed interactive sessions
  • On demand playback for the duration of the course

Secure your relaxation in pregnancy time with our antenatal education team via our Eventbrite page.

Birth & Beyond Hypnobirthing Workshop

If you are seeking practical skills to feel calmer and more in control reduce by reducing the stress hormones and stimulate positive birthing hormones then this is the workshop for you and your birthing partner. Our experienced hypnobirthing midwives will share relaxation techniques for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

More about this workshop;

  • Three hour live streamed workshop
  • The mind-body connection
  • Affirmations, anchors, breathing and visualisations
  • Light touch massage, self-relaxation and relaxation audios
  • How to personalise techniques
  • Audio downloads
  • Hypnobirthing book
  • Discounted access to Royal Relaxation course

Reserve a place for you and your birth partner via our our Eventbrite page

Birth & Beyond Refresher Course

This course will help you feel prepared for your next arrival with a revision of what to expect during pregnancy and birthing with the add-on of practical tips on how to support siblings.

This live stream course includes:

  • Birthing hormones signs of labour stages of labour and birthing
  • Creating birth and postnatal wellbeing plans including a plan for siblings
  • Exploring birth partner role
  • Awareness of sibling behaviours when a new baby arrives and strategies to support them
  • Royal relaxation course
  • First aid for new parents
  • Dedicated online group to network and access specialist midwife support

Book a due-date course for you and your birth partner via our our Eventbrite page