Birth and Beyond antenatal classes

Birth and Beyond antenatal courses are designed to guide and equip you to have a calm and secure childbearing experience.  Our pride comes from providing you with honest, accurate and evidence based information. Our courses are developed and led by registered Royal Surrey specialist educator midwives.

By attending our classes, you will find out about the different options for labour and birthing, learn the real practicalities of parenting your new born and feel empowered to make decisions about your maternity care.

We offer a range of classes so that you can choose what feels right for you and your birthing partner.

Birth and Beyond Complimentary

Birth and Beyond Complimentary is recommended for all birthing people and their partners registered with Royal Surrey maternity.

This free of charge course covers the essential elements of pregnancy, labour, birth and the postnatal period. Here are the reasons why you should register for Birth and Beyond Complimentary;

  • Your access to the live stream tour of our midwife led birthing suite and postnatal ward 
  • 8 hours of live sessions, available on demand if you miss it
  • Ability to direct your questions to our midwives during live streams
  • 24/7 access to information via your due date antenatal education hub

Accessing your due date antenatal education hub is simple.  Within your booking email, there will be a link to your recommended Facebook hub or search on Facebook for AE Hub: For[due month] [due year] e.g, AE Hub: For January 2022.

To confirm your eligibility to Birth and Beyond Complimentary classes and resources, answer the joining questions and confirm that you have read and agreed to the group’s rules. Failure to do so will result in your request being declined. Usernames may be used within the hub but registration requires your given name to confirm your request to join.

Birth and Beyond Core online

Birth and Beyond Core is the option for birthing people seeking small group, live stream classes with time to cover topics in more detail.

This paid for option provides;

  • 6x live stream fully interactive weekday evening sessions
  • Opportunity to network with parents-to-be with the same due date, 15 couples per group
  • 18 hours of live streamed content including early labour, birth partner role, variations in birth and post-natal recovery
  • Infant nutrition session with our Infant Feeding team
  • First Aid for new parents included
  • Royal Relaxation course at no extra cost

Confirm your place and access to your specialist educator midwives via our Eventbrite page.

Birth and Beyond Complete

Birth and Beyond Complete is ideal for first time parents and if you are seeking tailored content, in-person practical workshops and opportunities to network with parents-to-be in your area.

This paid for package includes;

  • Over 30 hours of registered midwife led workshops across 22 sessions
  • In depth tailored content including early labour, birth partner role, variations in birth and post-natal recovery
  • 3 hour Hypnobirthing workshop
  • Royal relaxation
  • First Aid for New Parents
  • Baby and Me new born class
  • Baby Massage
  • Postnatal wellbeing walk

Book a place for you and your birth partner on our comprehensive antenatal and parentcraft course via our Eventbrite page.