Family Friendly Caesarean Birth

A family centred approach means that we support you to have a caesarean birth experience where your wishes are central. The overall purpose is to support a peaceful and calm atmosphere to welcome your baby.

Where safe to do so you can choose to observe the amazing moment your baby is born, we can help you to have immediate skin-to-skin contact with your baby and delay cord clamping.

If you have a planned caesarean birth speak to your midwife about the options available and read our Family Centred Caesarean Section Information leaflet

“I will never forget the midwife saying, 'shall we go and have a baby' when I was collected for surgery. During the C-section the team kept me calm, reassured me the whole time and answered my anxious questions, making me feel utterly safe and I don’t think the team minded my reggae music too much either”.  Lucy, Caesarean Birth July 2021