Your Postnatal Care

Your Postnatal Care

The postnatal period is defined as the first six to eight weeks after birth. Our aim is for your postnatal care to be a continuation of the personalised care you have received through your pregnancy and birth. Our ethos is to provide a supportive environment in the early days of parenthood to guide and equip you to care for yourself and baby.

We provide gold standard personalised assistance with infant nutrition and support parents to develop close and loving relationships with their babies. Learn more about our UNICEF Baby Friendly Gold Accreditation.

If everything is well with you both, and depending on the type of birth you have had, you could be discharged home in the first 24 hours after birth. After this time you will be cared for by your community midwifery team at the Maternity Hub and your first postnatal appointment will be the day after you have been discharged. Your midwife will discuss your personalised postnatal care plan and this may identify that some of your postnatal care will be need to be provided by your midwife in your home. Please speak to your midwife if you are for any reason finding it hard to access midwifery care at the maternity hub so that a personalised plan can be made with you. It is anticipated that you will be discharged from the midwife on approximately day 10 following birth to the care of the Health Visitor.

Postnatal Ward

Postnatal care is provided to you and you and your baby by the Shere Ward postnatal team. The midwives lead your care with input where necessary by the obstetric doctors. Your baby will have a new-born examination performed by a paediatrician before you go home.

You may also receive support from our infant feeding team, our maternity support workers and the hearing screening team.

Shere Ward Visiting

Entry to Shere Ward is via level G through a secure entry system to ensure the safety of newborn babies. Please press the buzzer and wait to be admitted and be careful to not allow anyone else who is not in your group to enter unless permitted by the reception staff.

Your named birth partner is welcome to stay on Shere Ward at all times. We ask that your birth partner signs an agreement on arrival to Shere Ward outlining expectations during their stay. Please note that your named birth partner can not swap during your stay. 

Visitors, including siblings of the baby may visit you on Shere ward between 10:00-12:00 & 18:00-20:00. Max 2 visitors, including children, may visit at any one time (i.e., main birth partner and two additional visitors).