Visiting information

We know how important a visit from a loved one is for our patients, their families, friends and carers. We are facilitating safe visiting in line with national guidance. Help us to protect our staff and patients from infections by following our infection control guidelines: 

  • Wearing masks is optional in both clinical and non-clinical areas. Although wearing a mask is not mandatory, you are still welcome to continue wearing masks within our hospitals. We ask that everyone is respectful towards those choosing to wear a mask.
  • Upon arrival to the ward please speak with a member of staff prior to visiting the patient in the bay. This is to make sure that a patient’s visitors do not exceed the maximum amount of visitors allowed at each bedside.
  • Do not visit if you have any symptoms of Covid-19 or any other infections (such as a temperature or diarrhoea / vomiting). If you are feeling unwell – even if you have tested negative for Covid-19, are fully vaccinated and have received you booster – you should not visit.
  • If you test positive following your visit - please inform the nurse in charge of the department visited as soon as possible. 
  • Visiting Covid-19 positive patients — patients who have a diagnosis of Covid-19 can have up to two visitors at a time. Patients at the end of life can have of up to four people visiting. Visitors must be informed of the risks of contracting covid themselves so that they can make an informed decision about seeing the patient. Hospital standard Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) will be made available with an explanation for hand hygiene and correct donning and doffing procedure.  
  • We are facilitating flexible visiting for carers for our patients with Learning Disabilities, Dementia and additional needs e.g. interpreters. Please contact the nurse in charge for the area you wish to visit to discuss visiting arrangements.

Visiting guidance 

Outpatient appointments (children and adults)

  • One visitor may accompany a patient.

Adult inpatient wards

  • Two visitors per patient. Visitors can be different each day. Visiting times will be between 2-4pm and 6-8pm.

  • End of life care - An individualised approach is in place for each patient but in general daily visits of up to four people, per patient can be supported by the matron or nurse in charge.

  • Upon arrival to the ward please speak with a member of staff prior to visiting the patient in the bay

Intensive Care Unit

Visiting the unit is at the discretion of the Nurse/Consultant in charge. We will always facilitate visiting for patients undergoing end of life care, and patients who are supported by named carers. Our general approach is for one named visitor on a case by case basis. 

Please be mindful that we reserve the right to restrict visitors to ICU to protect patients with immune suppression, the risk of infection to visitors, or to reflect any changes in local and national infection control guidance.

Children’s ward (Hascombe)

  • Two dedicated parents/carers are welcome to attend the ward during visiting hours, plus siblings. One dedicated parent is able to stay overnight.
  • Visiting hours are 8am - 8pm

Emergency department

Adult patients can be accompanied by one relative/carer.

For child patients, we ask that one relative/carer and where possible no siblings. However, we appreciate that parents may need to share the supporting parental role.

Special Care Baby Unit

  • Parents have open access. Grandparents and siblings are welcome to visit whilst in the presence of the baby’s parent.


Antenatal Clinic, Scans and Maternity Hubs

Partners are welcome to attend all ultrasound scans and antenatal appointments.

Please DO NOT bring children to any antenatal appointments or ultrasound scans. The clinics are busy environments with limited space and no facilities for children. There can occasionally be long waits for appointments or further tests that are required in the maternity unit. If you bring children with you, your appointment/scan may be rescheduled to support you to attend at another time without your children.


Maternity Ward Visiting

St Catherines Ward (Antenatal)

Partner’s are welcome to attend the Antenatal Ward anytime between 9am - 8pm

Visitors, including siblings of the baby are welcome between 10am and 12pm and 6pm and 8pm (maximum 3 visitors per bed space). 

Shere Ward (Postnatal)

Partners are welcome on the Postnatal Ward from 9am - 8pm

Visitors, including siblings of the baby, can visit 10am-12pm and 6pm-8pm. Maximum of three people at a bedside at any time.

Delivery Suite

Two birth partners are welcome at any time while women/birthing people are on the delivery suite - this is not dependent on the stage of labour.