Become a member

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Be part of Royal Surrey’s future by becoming a member

As a Foundation Trust, Royal Surrey has more independence than other parts of the NHS, and our members play an important role in how we run. Currently, we have over 13,000 members who are part of the Royal Surrey family.

How can I get involved?

Members help the Trust by:

  • shaping plans for the future of Royal Surrey at consultation events
  • nominating yourself for election as a Royal Surrey Governor or by electing Governors to represent you
  • volunteering to gain experience or to gradually return to work after time off eg maternity leave/illness
  • sharing your personal experience of our services to help shape the future of Royal Surrey, through forums such as our patient panel

In return, Trust members get:

  • the latest Royal Surrey Charity news and discount opportunities for charity events
  • discounts on shopping via Health Service Discounts, where reduced-price products are offered to NHS staff and Trust members – that’s you!
  • free health presentations from our leading specialists
  • regular news and information updates from our e-newsletter
  • information about careers in the NHS
  • access to special interest groups, such as our Research Club

How do I become a member?

Complete an application to become a member.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does membership cost?

It’s free and you have no obligations.

Who are the members?

Royal Surrey’s membership is made up of our staff and members of the public.

Who can become a member?

Anyone over the age of 14 can become a member. If you are under the age of 18, your membership enrolment form will require a completed parental consent form.

What is the purpose of membership?

Members help the Trust develop services that will best suit the needs of the people we serve. The Trust is supported by our Governors, who have a primary responsibility to represent the interests of the Trust members who elect them, as well as other members of the public.

Our Governors act as a medium for constituents and lead communications from the Trust to the public. They provide an important link between the hospital and the local community, they reflect members' interests and work on their behalf to improve health services for the future.

Where can I read more about the Membership Engagement Strategy?

Our Membership Engagement Strategy 2022-2024 describes the purpose of our membership, as well as the Trust’s objectives, aims and priorities for our membership.