UNICEF Gold Accreditation

The Unicef Baby Friendly Gold award is the highest level of accreditation and celebrates excellent and sustained practice in the support of infant feeding and parent-infant relationships.  

The Royal Surrey Maternity service is one of only seven maternity services in England to achieve a Gold accreditation.

The Unicef Baby Friendly Initiative is transforming healthcare for babies, their mothers and families in the UK as part global partnership between the World Health Organization (WHO) and Unicef. 

The accreditation programme offers an evidence-based approach to support breastfeeding and good infant nutrition, helping parents to develop close and loving relationships with their babies.  Unicef provide support to maternity services by setting standards, providing training and assess progress by measuring skills and knowledge of health professionals.

The support you can access with the Royal Surrey maternity service is described by our Feeding Specialist:

“Feeding is so much more than providing food. It is about bonding, nurturing and your baby’s brain development. It is so nice to see women becoming a mother, trusting their instincts and watching their baby. This is why postnatal care is my passion.” Emily Taylor, Royal Surrey Feeding Specialist.

Our aim is for mothers to be empowered, to trust their instincts and enjoy feeding their baby. You have access to personalised support on the postnatal ward and the tranquillity of a dedicated feeding room. When you leave hospital you can access support via telephone appointments, the community hubs and the 24-hour advice line Call a Midwife 0300 1235 473. Whilst adaptations have been required due to COVID-19 we are proud to provide continued feeding support, our door is always open.

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