Mental Health and Wellbeing

Your emotional health in pregnancy is just as important as your physical health and anxieties and worries in pregnancy are very common. Many women are worried about how a new baby will change their life and how they will cope. These worries may include:

  • Will my relationship with my partner, family and friends change?
  • Will my pregnancy be OK or will there be problems with the baby?
  • Will I be a good enough mother?
  • Do I have enough support around me to manage?
  • What will I do about work?

It is important to share your worries. Think about who you have around you to share your thoughts with about your pregnancy and who will support you when your baby arrives. Your midwife will be able to discuss this subject with you in more detail.

Sleep and Rest

It is very important to take time to relax and rest. It is normal to have times when you feel full of energy and other times you will feel exhausted. Mindfulness or meditation exercises can help.

Anxiety and depression

1 in 10 women will experience some degree of anxiety or depression and some women will have a pre-existing mental health illness  or may have experienced this at some point in their lives. It is important to know that your midwife, GP or other health professional will be able to give you advice and make an individualised plan of support for you. Our Jasmine Team provide a valuable resource to women who have mental health concerns and your midwife will refer you  if you would like additional support. 

Antenatal Education

There is so much to learn about the changes you will experience throughout your pregnancy. It can be an exciting yet anxious time and attending antenatal education classes can help you feel informed and in control. Take a look at the range of classes we offer at the Royal Surrey