Our Governors

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What do our Governors do?

Here are just some of their roles:

  • Appoint, remove and decide upon the terms of office of the Chair and non-executive directors of the Trust
  • Determine the remuneration of the Chair and non-executive directors
  • Approve the appointment of the Trust’s Chief Executive
  • Hold the non-executive directors to account for the performance of the board
  • Represent the interests of the members and the public
  • Jointly approve changes to the Trust’s constitution with the board
  • Express a view on the board’s plans for the Trust
  • To represent the views of the constituents to the board and to hold the board to account for delivering the strategy

There are benefits to being a Governor:

  • An opportunity to influence the development of an important public service provider
  • The chance to meet fellow members and represent their interests and opinions
  • Gain an insight into the goals, challenges and achievements of a large NHS Trust
  • Develop new skills and improve your CV
  • Meet new people and learn more about hospital life

Becoming a Royal Surrey Governor


Governor Elections 2021

Please Nominations have now closed, voting opens Tuesday 10 August 2021 5pm Thursday 2 September 2021. Results will be announced Friday 3 September 2021. Further details can be found at: royalsurrey.nhs.uk/governors-election-2021 

Eligibility criteria

Please check the eligibility criteria before nominating yourself to stand as a governor.


Terms and Conditions of becoming a Governor

These are set out in annex seven of the Constitution, and cover all the provisions of becoming a governor, and in particular at Clause 7 - Standards of Business Conduct:

7.1 Governors must comply with the Constitution, the NHS Foundation Trust Code of Governance, Trust's values, the Trust's code of conduct, Trust's policy on Standards of Business Conduct and the requirements of the Regulatory Framework and any binding guidance issued by Monitor.


The following declarations need to be read and agreed to, and a copy of your signed declarations need to received by the governance team prior to you attending your first meeting:

Monitor Information on the role of a Governor

Monitor:  Your duties:  A brief guide for NHS Foundation Trust Governors

Monitor:  Your Statutory Duties: A reference guidance for NHS Foundation Trust Governors

Monitor:  Director - Governor interaction in the NHS Foundation Trust

Monitor: The NHS Foundation Trust Code of Governance

Governors 2021 Meeting Schedule

Governors' meeting schedule - Sept - Dec 2021