Endoscopy Unit

Endoscopy staff member smiling


The Endoscopy Unit is an outpatient & inpatient service for patients who require treatment for gastrointestinal and respiratory conditions, either electively or as an emergency.

The unit provides access to Consultant Surgeons, Oncologists, Gastroenterologists and Physicians and all other suitably qualified and experienced clinicians involved in the investigation and treatment of a variety of conditions and diseases.

The unit also provides Bowel Cancer Screening and Bowel Scope Endoscopy lists.


What services do you provide?


  • Diagnostic investigations: Bronchoscopy, Gastroscopy, Flexible Sigmoidoscopy, Colonoscopy, Endoscopic Ultrasound and surveillance for GI conditions.

  • Therapeutic procedures: GI Dilatation, GI stenting, GI cancer staging, GI cancer sampling, feeding tube insertion, ERCP, polyp removal, treatment of varices, emergency upper GI bleeds, emergency volvulus decompression and removal of foreign bodies / food bolus.

Where are you located?


The Endoscopy Unit is based on Level H next to Castle outpatient department above the front entrance to the hospital.

How do I contact you?

If you would like to contact us please ring 01483 571 122 on Ext: 4409.