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St Catherine's Ward

About us

When you need to come into the maternity unit because you are in labour or if you have any other concerns that your GP or midwife feel you need assessing in the hospital, you will be seen initially in the Acute Assessment Unit (AAU). This area is located on St Catherine’s ward and staffed by experienced midwives who will complete an initial assessment and ensure an appropriate plan for your care is immediately put in place.

Sometimes, if you become unwell during your pregnancy you may need to stay with us. You may also need to have your labour induced at the end of your pregnancy. If that is the case we will care for you on St Catherine’s ward.

Visiting times

During your stay, your partner is able to stay with you if you would like.

Visiting hours are 10:00-12:00, and 15:00-19:00 for all other family members as we try to encourage rest during your admission.

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Telephone: 01483 464 147


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