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Bramshott Ward

About us

Bramshott ward is a 28 bedded Elective Orthopaedic and Trauma ward. We care for patients’ undergoing both pre-planned Elective Orthopaedic surgeries and also those having sustained traumatic injury and admitted through the A&E department. We have a strong Multidisciplinary team approach to patient care demonstrated in the new Fast Track Elective joint replacement programme. Every professional in the ward team works with the patient to promote early post-operative mobilisation and a quicker patient recovery. The ward has a Consultant Ortho-Geriatrician leading the team in providing holistic care for those patients who have more complex needs and frailty.

Visiting times

Our inpatients are able to nominate who they would like to visit them in hospital - this will be restricted to one visitor only. You can read more about our visiting restrictions here.

Contact us

01483 571 122 Ext 4065/4064


Level C, East Wing