Pharmacy Clinical Trials

The Pharmacy Clinical Trials Team comprises specialist trial pharmacists, technicians and assistants.

We manage all medicines involved in clinical trials and provide a complete audit trail of any investigational medicinal product from receipt to dispensing/destruction. 

We do this by creating trial specific prescriptions, procedures and dispensing logs to ensure all data is captured and results are credible and accurate.

We have a strong portfolio of clinical research with an ever expanding number of trials covering many specialities such as oncology, haemato-oncology, intensive care, hepatology and diabetes.

The clinical trial service is provided from the main dispensary and the dedicated clinical trials dispensary in the Cancer Centre along with input from the aseptic unit.

Staff working in research work under Good Clinical Practice guidelines which are an international set of quality standards, which also protect the rights, integrity and confidentiality of our patients.

We work closely with our other pharmacy colleagues, research and development staff, doctors, nurses and research teams and trial sponsors to ensure we provide the best possible service we can to patients involved in clinical trials.