Pharmacy Stores Team

The Pharmacy Stores Team are responsible for:

  • Stock medication supply to wards and clinics throughout the Trust.

  • Top up service to replenish stock on a weekly basis.

  • Receipt of medicines from wholesalers.

  • Entering medicines onto pharmacy computer system, and filling the pharmacy robotic dispensing system.

How does the pharmacy store affect me as a patient?

The pharmacy stores provide medication during your stay in hospital.

This is supplied as stock medication to the ward so the nurses do not have to use your medication from home, as well as provide you with doses of new medications before they are dispensed for you by pharmacy dispensary.

Do I get to keep my medication that I bring from home?

Pharmacy staff will only remove medications that you no longer require.

Your medications will be kept for you on the ward until you are ready for discharge.

Where possible, the nurses will supply medication for you during your stay through the ward stock supply, to preserve your medication for taking home when you leave.

Why does pharmacy need a robotic dispensing system?

The pharmacy robot provides fast and accurate dispensing of medications to ensure your receive everything you need in a timely manner.

It cuts down on ‘human error’ and is able to dispense medications for patient use, stock medication and be loaded with new medication much faster than using people alone.

However, your medications will still be final checked and verified by a trained member of pharmacy staff to ensure you are getting exactly what you need.