Drive through Glaucoma Service


Due to the current COVID-19 situation the hospital has decided that all non-urgent outpatient appointments have been temporarily halted. We are very aware and sorry that you may have already waited a long time . Whilst we cannot function as normal we are trying to do what we can. We have set up a "drive through" eye pressure clinic which will function as follows:

  • Please bring your eye drops or packaging with you so this can be checked
  • You can be either the driver or a passenger in your vehicle
  • Follow signs for "Drive Through Eye Check"
  • Please try to keep to your appointment time (plus or minus 15 minutes)
  • There may be a short queue. Please stay in your car.
  • You must please wear a face mask covering both your nose and mouth
  • Your eye pressures will be checked through your car window using a handheld device. This takes a few seconds and is painless.
  • Unfortunately vision checks, nerve scans & visual field testing are not possible
  • If you need medication adjustment then our drive through pharmacy is just next door (new prescriptions only, sadly we can’t issue your usual repeat prescription)
  • (In the highly unlikely chance your eye pressures are extremely high then you will be directed to dedicated free parking spaces & be seen in the Eye Clinic)

Patient Leaflet:   Ophthal - Drive through glaucoma service