Colposcopy is a detailed examination of the cervix (neck of the womb) - similar to a cervical screening (smear) test. Patients are most often referred to us after an abnormal smear result – some ladies may need a treatment to their cervix, which is explained in full in the leaflet enclosed with your appointment. We also receive referrals from GPs who are concerned about their patient’s symptoms or the appearance of their cervix. Appointments are 20 minutes, and patients are very welcome to bring someone for support. A female chaperone is present throughout the examination, treatment or procedure and we try our best to make our patients as comfortable as possible.

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Appointment changes and administration queries:

01483 406683

Nurse advice line:

01483 406841


Meet the team

Our Lead Clinician is Mr Andrew Kent who has many years experience in the field. The colposcopy team consists of:

Mr Osama Abughazza
Miss Patricia Ellis
Miss Annette Reid
Mr Paul Curtis
Professor Jay Chatterjee
Mr Simon Butler-Manuel
Fiona McDonald, Gynaecology Sister
Josie Older, Senior HCA
Christine Cook, Colposcopy Co-ordinator