Our PRIME Prehabilitation programme supports patients in the lead up to major oncology surgery. Currently our service is aimed at patients having oesophageal, pancreatic, bladder and gynae cancer surgery.

Our focus is to help patients prepare physically and emotionally for surgery, through supervised exercise classes and educational sessions, to support preparation and subsequent recovery.

What does the programme involve?

A Physiotherapist will complete your initial assessment where you will be asked to complete some simple exercise tests to establish your current level of fitness. They will create a home exercise programme and provide you with an information pack with relevant support services.

We run two exercise classes per week in the Physiotherapy gym. These are group classes run by the Physiotherapist who will set you a programme and can guide you on how to use equipment.

We run one wellbeing session per week led by the Occupational Therapist. These sessions cover a range of topics including managing sleep difficulties, fatigue, mood, healthy eating and a session led by our Anaesthetist.

We also offer 1:1 sessions and telephone advice and support. We welcome family members and supporters to all of our sessions.

Before your surgery the Physiotherapist will meet with you again for a final assessment where you will repeat the exercise tests. They will tell you more about what to expect after the surgery and things you can do to help your recovery.

Meet the team

The Prehabilitation Team includes Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists and Dietitians who can give you advice and information in preparation for your surgery.


I am one of the Physiotherapists in the Prehabilitation teamWe will work with you to increase your physical fitness prior to surgery. We will also offer advice of what to expect and how to build up your fitness again after surgery, so you are fully prepared.


I am the Occupational Therapist. I offer support and advice on how to prepare for surgery and cope with the impact of diagnosis and treatment from a practical and psychological perspective. I facilitate a five week programme of group sessions giving information and advice on sleeping well, fatigue management, stress management, meet the dietitian and meet the anaesthetist. I can also help you with concerns about managing at home after hospital and how you can prepare beforehand.


I am the Dietitian. I can offer specialised advice on diet to help you optimise your nutritional status prior to surgery. I can help you if you have any specific dietary concerns in relation to your cancer treatment such as reduced appetite or taste changes. 


Your Consultant or Nurse Specialist will discuss Prehabilitation with you and refer you to the team if appropriate. Once we receive your referral we will contact you to arrange an initial appointment.