Medication Safety and Pharmacy Governance

Safety of medicines use is the priority. 

The Medication Safety Team provide support to all trust staff on the safe handling of medicines which may include storage, security, prescribing, administration and dispensing of medication.

The pharmacy’s medication safety team includes the medication safety officer supported by another senior pharmacist and senior pharmacy technician.  

Incidents (including errors) can be reported by any member of staff using an electronic incident reporting system called ‘Datix®’.

It is important to report incidents and concerns and all staff are encouraged to do so.

Increased reporting enables more efficient identification of areas for improvement.  

Incidents may include prescribing, administration and dispensing errors and the mis-handling of medication.

All reported medication incidents are reviewed by the medication safety team.

Highlighting problems by reporting them helps us learn what went wrong, why it went wrong and enables changes to be implemented to improve practice and prevent errors recurring.

Trust medication policies and procedures are regularly reviewed and adherence to these is continually monitored to ensure patient safety is not being compromised.