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Podiatry Service

The Podiatry Team provide diagnosis and treatment of feet and lower limb problems for patients registered in Guildford and Waverley.

The team is made up of clinical foot specialists who provide personalised care for patients covering a range of foot conditions, with the aim being to improve quality of life and reduce long term effects of foot complications.

The service offers preventative care for people with long term foot conditions connected to feet e.g. diabetes.

The service also covers foot wound care, nail surgery and musculoskeletal disorders.

We have clinics across the area and also provide a home visiting service for the housebound.

How do I get a referral?

Your GP or other health professional can refer you.

You can also self refer using the downloadable application form here: Podiatry referral form.

This can be emailed back to the team or sent back to the Jarvis office. The contact information can be found on the form.  

What happens when I have been referred?

Following a referral into the service a podiatrist will review your referral and prioritise your foot need based on our medical criteria.

You may receive a telephone call offering you an appointment or you will receive a letter acknowledging receipt of your referral.

This will inform you that you are on the waiting list for an appointment.

You will then receive another letter offering you an appointment when we have one available for you.

Please let us know by phone or email if you cannot make the appointment offered and we will offer you an alternative.

Our email address is: rsch.gw.podiatry@nhs.net.

What should I expect during the assessment?

When you arrive in clinic you will wait in a waiting room which may have patients from different services attending.

The podiatrist will call you in to the clinic and will you ask you some general health questions. 

Please bring a list of any medication you take and remove any nail polish prior to your appointment.

You will be asked to take your shoes and socks off and sit on a treatment couch.

If the podiatrist comes out to your home as you are house bound, you will be notified of our visit and an AM or PM slot will be confirmed.

The podiatrist will work with you in your home to establish the best place to treat your feet in your home.

What happens following assessment?

Following your assessment or treatment, if you require a follow up appointment you will be given instructions on how to book this.

How can I tell you what I think of the Podiatry service?

We very much value your feedback and all our podiatrists will ask you to fill in The Friends and Family Survey which is a short questionnaire.

This helps us to learn from your feedback and make service improvements.

You will see on our notice boards what changes we have made as a result of your feedback.