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Lymphoedema Service

Lymphoedema is commonly defined as a chronic swelling persisting longer than three months, diagnosed by a doctor or specialist nurse.

Lymphoedema is a chronic, progressive, incurable condition, presenting as oedema or swelling in tissues.

It can be due to an inherited condition, disease, treatment of a disease, trauma, or following acute episode of infection or inflammation.

Who is the Lymphoedema Specialist Nurse Service available to?

The service is for adults aged over 18 with lymphoedema and is usually for people registered with a GP practice within Guildford and Waverley, but does also cover additional areas.

Please discuss with your GP, CCG and the lymphoedema service for more details about this.

Referrals are predominantly via the GP and also other health professionals.

How can I arrange an appointment to see the specialist nurse?

This would be scheduled following a referral from your GP, hospital specialist consultant or other health and social care professional.

You can read the referral criteria here.

Where are appointments held?

  • Appointments will be in a clinic setting or at home if the patient is housebound.
  • Clinics are held at The Beacon.

  • Telephone consultations are also available.

What will happen at an appointment?

  • Assessment and care planning to develop and agree individual goals and treatment plan by a lymphoedema specialist nurse with the appropriate training, qualification and knowledge.
  • Education and advice to support people with treatment and self-management strategies at home.

  • The specialist nurse works with individuals to maximise supported self-management for patients living with lymphoedema. Often this will entail compression bandaging and advice and education for symptom management at home.

  • Following your treatment, onward referral via your GP may be necessary to oncology, vascular, dermatology, or leg ulcer & wound care specialists.

What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Please bring details of any current medications that you are on.
  • Any hosiery you are using. 

When is the service available?

The service operates Monday to Friday 09:00 to 17:00, excluding bank holidays.

However if you would like to speak to a generalist nurse at the weekends or out of hours, please call our Community Co-ordination Centre on 01483 362 020.

How can I tell you what I think of the service?

We very much value feedback from all of our patients, and may ask you to complete a satisfaction questionnaire after your appointment.

How can I contact you?

Please ring our Community Co-ordination Centre on 01483 362 020.