midwife on maternity ward nest to picture of birthing suite

Your Pregnancy Matters: An Introduction to your Maternity Services

This free in person pregnancy event is facilitated by our Specialist Education Midwives for first time parents and expectant parents who are new to our Maternity Services.

We recommend you attend this event with your birth partner between 12 and 20 weeks of pregnancy  to receive relevant information about our Maternity Services and meet other expectant parents.

During this in person event you will be able to 

  • Meet and network with other local parents due around the same time as you
  • Meet our Birth & Beyond Midwives and to ask questions about our education services
  • View a virtual Maternity Unit tour (Delivery Suite, Midwifery Led Unit and the Postnatal ward) with live in person commentary and the opportunity to ask questions 
  • Learn about our Maternity Services and how to access relevant support such as the Jasmine Team, Birth Reflections, Birth options Clinic
  • Explore your birth place options 
  • Learn the importance of your baby's movements and how to monitor them 
  • Learn when to use the Call a Midwife Advice Line 

To book this course, or to learn more, please see the "Free Classes and Events" tab in your Maternity Parent Portal.

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