mother holding her baby in a yoga studio

This is a yoga class for babies that combines gentle movement with relaxation. Guided by our qualified instructors, you will learn gentle stretches and holds that support your baby’s general health and wellbeing.  The exercises are specifically designed for babies and target a specific physical benefit like preparing your baby for developmental milestones such as head control and rolling.

Our yoga class is a great opportunity for you to interact with your baby in a fun and physical way.  You do not need any yoga experience or specific level of fitness to join. Parents, however, do need the strength to lift, carry and support their baby and be able to get down onto the floor mat

These classes cater for babies aged 8 weeks and older. Parent and baby have to be "signed off" by their GP (6/8 week check) to attend.

Yoga mats are provided. 

The cost of our 4 week course is £40

To book this course, or to learn more, please see your Maternity Parent Portal. For those not booked with the Royal Surrey please email for more information.