baby being massaged

One of the most important experiences for your baby’s happy development is your loving touch. Research shows that routine skin-to-skin contact by a parent or loving caregiver supports your baby’s growth, communication and learning.

Baby massage can help you relax and support you to soothe and bond with your baby. Learn a full body massage routine and practice safe massage strokes for babies six weeks and older.  Over the four week course our accredited midwives will teach you techniques to alleviate issue like wind, colic and the stress of teething and provide guidance on the right massage oils for baby’s skin.

These classes are held at venues in Farnham, Godalming, Guildford and Haslemere. 

The cost of the four week course is £40.

To book this course, or to learn more, please see your Maternity Parent Portal. For those not booked with the Royal Surrey please email for more information.