Pain service - useful resources

Please find useful pain management resources below. 

Covid resources

Emotional wellbeing

Explain pain


Brainman: Understanding pain in less than five minutes 



Lorimer Moseley: Why things hurt


Tame the Beast


How does your brain respond to pain?


Pain and Me: Tamar Pincus talks about chronic pain, acceptance and commitment


This website provides lots of support and tools to help you manage your pain:

This website has podcasts and articles on a number of topics related to pain:

This is a free pain guidebook to help you manage your pain:

This is another free pain guidebook to help you manage your pain:

This website provides a variety of resources to help you to manage your pain:

Tamar Pincus: Pain and me (persistent pain, acceptance and commitment):

This website provides information to help manage your bone, joint or muscle pains:


This is the NHS website for Fibromyalgia:

This website provides advice and a variety of resources for patients with Fibromyalgia:

This website has a list of local Fibromyalgia support groups:


This website provides detailed information about pacing:

This website has patient accounts on their experience of pacing:

This website has lots of information about pacing and goals:

Activity diary:


This website discusses sleep strategies and sleep hygiene:

This website provides detailed information on how to sleep better:

Sleep diary:




What causes opioid addiction?

Medication leaflets:


The Explain Pain Handbook Protectometer

G. Lorimer Moseley and David S. Butler

Chronic Pain: The Drug-Free Way

Phil Sizer

Pain is Really Strange

Steve Haines