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The Department of Urology housed in the state-of-the-art Stokes Centre for Urology at The Royal Surrey, provides both a general urological service to the local community together with the regional cancer alliance stretching from Basingstoke to Worthing. The Department is internationally renowned in the treatment of prostate and bladder cancer, specialising in prostate brachytherapy and robotic surgery.

How can I be seen in Guildford for my prostate cancer?

The Department is happy to provide second opinions for patients diagnosed in the NHS from throughout the U.K. We require a referral from either your local urologist or GP to the Department, whereupon we will be happy to make the necessary arrangements.

How long will I have to wait as I am suspected of having prostate cancer?

The Urology Department has a ground breaking rapid access pathway for men with suspected prostate cancer, usually as a result of a raised PSA blood test. Patients need to be referred by their GP as a “Two Week Rule” patient, whereupon we will arrange for an urgent MRI, review, then undertake a biopsy and have the results of this test usually within 14 days. Thereafter if cancer has been diagnosed the different range of treatment options will be discussed with the patient.

If I need surgery for my prostate cancer will it be done by a robot?

All our prostate cancer operations, radical prostatectomies, are performed robotically with one of our two state-of-the-art Da Vinci robots. We are one of the largest centres in the U.K. providing robotic surgery to both the prostate as well as for bladder cancer.

I have blood in my urine that is unexplained and needs further investigation. How will this occur?

If you have found blood in your urine for which there is no apparent cause i.e. such as a urinary infection, please ask your GP to refer you to our Department as a “Two Week Rule” patient, whereupon we will see you urgently, arranging for a CT scan of your urinary tract and then examining your bladder by means of a fiberoptic flexible cystoscopy,  in our state-of-the-art Stokes Centre for Urology, where we have the very latest equipment to provide a quick and rapid diagnosis.

I am running late for my appointment due to traffic who should I contact to let them know?

We quite understand that the traffic around Guildford is prone to congestion. If you find yourself in an unexpected queue, please do not worry. If you could phone our receptionist on this no: 01483 571 122 ext: 3100 or one of our medical secretaries on: 01483 571 122 ext: 3141, we will happily either reschedule your appointment or ensure that your medical team will still be here when you expect to arrive.

What different clinics do the Department offer?

The Urology Department at The Stokes Centre for Urology offers the following clinics:

  1.  General Urology
  2.  Paediatric Urology 
  3.  Fast Track (Two Week Rule) Clinics for suspected prostate cancer and bladder cancer
  4.  Psychosexual Clinics
  5.  Andrology (male infertility and erectile dysfunction problems)
  6.  Clinics for Penile and Testicular cancers

Our clinics are mainly based in Guildford, although we do have outreach clinics at Haslemere Hospital.

Cancer Services at the Stokes Centre for Urology

All patients newly diagnosed with urological cancer are reviewed in a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) meeting with our experts in cancer, linking with our neighbouring hospitals; Frimley Park Hospital, Ashford Hospital, St Peter’s Hospital, Surrey & Sussex Hospital, Chichester Hospital, Worthing Hospital and Basingstoke Hospital.

The multidisciplinary team advise on the optimal treatment for patients and their follow up for men and women diagnosed with cancer within this region. They also review all patients referred for second opinions from areas outside the region, optimising the clinical experience and skill of the clinicians involved.

Where can I find more information?

More information on prostate brachytherapy can be obtained from our website here. If you would like to download our prostate cancer booklets outlining the nature of the disease and the booklets relating to specialist treatments, please click here.

Stokes Centre for Urology

The Stokes Centre for Urology is a state-of-the-art £6m new Urology Centre opened by His Royal Highness HRH The Duke of Kent this year.

Opening of Stokes Centre for Urology

It allows the urological team to provide the very best care, diagnosis and treatment of men with urological ailments. 

For further information as to how you can support the Prostate Project and the Urological Department please click here.