Say Goodnight to Insomnia Podcast

Thank you for taking the time to listen to the Say Goodnight to Insomnia podcast. This will help you to understand what causes insomnia and most importantly, how to improve your sleep.

“I believe that the 26 minutes you invest in listening to this podcast will be well worth it, especially if you then get an extra half an hour’s sleep each night!” Louise Berger, Royal Surrey’s Insomnia Service Team Lead.

Other resources available for you:

Royal Surrey Sleep Clinic Insomnia Service, Royal Surrey County Hospital

If you wish to contact our Insomnia Service with feedback or enquiries related to this podcast, please email and enter PODCAST in the subject heading. Respiratory Sleep service, Royal Surrey County Hospital

Digital CBT for Insomnia

Helpful resources for sleep  Sleep education resource provided by the American Association of Sleep Medicine Comprehensive guide to sleep apnoea  Free app for sleep, anxiety and stress