Integrated Discharge Team


The Integrated Discharge Team work within the Emergency Department and other urgent, short stay units.

Their role is to assess a person’s ability to manage safely with daily tasks, supporting their discharge or admission to hospital.

This typically involves working together with community and hospital based services.

Who is included in the team?


Occupational therapists, associate practitioners and social care practitioners work alongside specialist nurses and consultants.

What are the wards you cover?


Emergency Department (ED)

Emergency Assessment Unit (EAU)

Ambulatory Emergency Care (AEC)

What hours do you cover


8am to 6pm, 7 days a week.

How do I contact you?

Please ring 01483 571 122 and ask for the Integrated Discharge Team in the Emergency Department.

Will I be seen by the Integrated Discharge Team when I am admitted?


The Integrated Discharge Team and other clinical staff aim to identify people who may benefit from an assessment.

Sometimes it may be useful for you to explain any concerns you may have about managing at home to a staff member.

Why may I need to see someone from the Integrated Discharge Team?


If you have been finding it difficult to carry out everyday tasks prior to coming to hospital, the Integrated Discharge Team can discuss this with you.

They will identify whether you would benefit from anything to enhance you quality of life and promote your independence.

What assessments might the Occupational Therapist carry out and why?


Each person is individual, but if you are seen by a member of the Integrated Discharge Team, they will work with you to find out what difficulties you may have and how you could be supported to allow you to manage at home.

Typical assessments might involve looking at your walking, how you get in and out of bed or whether your memory has changed recently.

It may be necessary to contact your family or carers, but we will always ask your permission before we do this.

What happens following my assessment?


After you have been seen by the Integrated Discharge Team, you will have an opportunity to discuss your discharge or admission in further detail.

How can I help speed up my own discharge?


Please ensure that the ward/Occupational Therapist has been given accurate phone numbers for any one that they are required to contact in the process of your assessments, this is likely to include your next of kin and/or significant other person who has access to your property/knowledge of yourself.

What if I need additional services when I get home?


Not everyone will require a referral for further assessment. However, the Integrated Discharge Team staff will determine if you would benefit from additional services in the community, and make the relevant referral.