Older Persons Unit and Short Stay Frailty Unit

All inpatients under the Older Persons Unit and Short Stay Frailty Unit are screened and assessed as required, in regards to their occupational therapy need.

The service aims to provide a responsive, person-centred approach, working in close collaboration with the relevant professionals involved in your care.

Patients are supported to meet their personal goals to promote independence and enhance their occupational performance through rehab at home, inpatient rehab or with long term care enabling them to return home.

What wards do you cover?


Eashing Ward – level D.

Hindhead Ward – Level D.

Elstead Ward – Level D.

What hours do you work?


7 days a week, 8am – 4pm.

Extended hours: 8am – 6pm Mon – Fri.

Why may I need to see an Occupational Therapist?

If you have been finding it difficult to carry out everyday tasks prior to your admission into hospital or as a result of your illness or injury we can assess you on the ward to identify whether you would benefit from any assistive equipment, support at home with carers or further rehabilitation to enhance you quality of life and promote your independence.

What assessments might the Occupational Therapist carry out and why?

Each person is individual, but if you are seen by a member of the Occupational Therapy team, they will endeavour to find out what the problem/s may be by asking about how things had been prior to your admission, and how they are now.

The Occupational Therapist will ask you what your goals are following your illness or injury and aim to set realist, achievable goals on the ward.

You may be asked to walk on the ward; observed getting on/off various pieces of furniture, observed getting dressed and even asked some questions to check your memory, if appropriate.

Dependent on your reason for admission and potential difficulties surrounding your discharge, you may have an assessment of your home environment and have recommendations made for pieces of equipment to assist you.

The Occupational Therapist may also contact your next of kin/immediate family/carers if appropriate to identify care needs and support your discharge home.

What happens following my assessment?

The occupational therapy team will discuss with you the outcomes of their assessments and the recommendations.

If you are in agreement with the recommendations suggested, the team will action these prior to discharge from hospital.

Any known timelines for the completion of these will be discussed with you as they are known.

How can I help speed up my own discharge?

Ensure you are able to provide accurate information regarding your home environment and baseline level of function. If you’re unable to provide this information please nominate someone who can provide this on your behalf and have a contact number for them.

If the Occupational Therapist has given your Next of Kin advice on possible charges in your home environment, please ensure these have been carried out to support your discharge home.

Ensure you have means on accessing your property on discharge eg. Key or the code required to access a key safe.

Bring loose comfortable clothing into hospital with you so that you can get into a good routine of being dressed in the day time and have your own comfortable nightwear for overnight.

Consider how you will get home from hospital and advise the staff if you’re likely to have difficulty accessing a car.

What if I have already seen an Occupational Therapist in the community?

Please let the Occupational Therapist on the ward know of any previous intervention you have had from an Occupational Therapist and if possible give them their contact details of the therapist.

Likewise if you have been provided with any equipment by an Occupational Therapist please let the ward team know. This will help us to prevent duplication and allow us to update your community therapist if you are still open to them.

What if I need an Occupational Therapist when I get home?

The in-patient team will determine if you need onward referral to an occupational therapy team in the community.

If indicated this referral will be made prior to your discharge home from hospital. Not all individuals who have required in-patient occupational therapy intervention as an in-patient, will require onward referral to the community.

Occupational Therapists are based in many different teams in the community and the in-patient team will identify the most appropriate onward referral. Waiting times for community occupational therapy intervention can vary depending on the team you have been referred to.

How do I contact you?


Please ring the Occupational Therapy Department on 01483 571 122 ext: 4766 or via the ward extension.

Where can I find out further information about Occupational Therapy?


For further information about Occupational Therapy please visit: