Inpatient Stroke and Neurology Service


All inpatients under the stroke and neurology consultants are screened, assessed if required, and inpatient rehabilitation provided as required.

At the point of discharge, patients are assessed and appropriate support put in place as required.

What are the wards covered by you?


The primary ward covered by this service is Wisley Ward, level E.

There are a total of 24 inpatient beds on Wisley Ward.

The team will also see patients with a stroke or neurology diagnosis on any other ward in the hospital if therapy input is required.

This is completed on an individual referral basis.

What are your opening hours?


We are open 6 days a week, 8am – 4pm.

How do we contact you?

Please ring the Occupational Therapy department on Ext: 4766.

Why may I need to see an Occupational Therapist?

If you have been finding it difficult to carry out everyday tasks prior to your admission into hospital or as a result of your illness or injury we can assess you on the ward to identify whether you would benefit from any assistive equipment, support at home with carers or further rehabilitation to enhance you quality of life and promote your independence.


Will I see an Occupational Therapist when I am on the ward?


If you have a stroke diagnosis, you will be assessed on a routine basis by an occupational therapist during your stay on the ward. If you have a neurological diagnosis, you will also be seen by an occupational therapist if this is required.

A member of the medical team, nursing staff, yourself or your family can request an occupational therapy assessment. If you have not been seen by an occupational therapist and feel it would be beneficial, just ask a member of staff to refer to us.

What assessments might the Occupational Therapist carry out and why?


Each person is individual, but if you are seen by a member of the Occupational Therapy team, they will endeavour to find out what the problem/s may be by asking about how things had been prior to your admission, and how they are now.

You may be asked to mobilise and be observed getting on/off various pieces of furniture. Dependent on your reason for admission and potential difficulties surrounding your discharge, you may have an assessment of your home environment and have recommendations made for pieces of equipment to assist you.

What happens following my assessment?


The Occupational Therapist will discuss with you the findings of their assessment and ensure that you are in agreement with any recommendations before they are actioned.

Any known timelines for the completion of these will be discussed with you as they are known.

What will my rehabilitation focus on with the Occupational Therapist?


The activities completed in rehabilitation sessions with your occupational therapist will depend on the difficulties identified within the initial assessment.


Rehabilitation may include:

  • Arm exercises

  • Vision exercises

  • Activities to improve memory and thinking skills (which could be pen/ paper tasks or functional tasks)

  • Practicing daily activities e.g. washing and dressing, eating, preparing drinks and snacks in the kitchen.





What happens when I am ready to go home?


Once you reach a point where you have plateaued in your rehabilitation progress, or you are able to manage safely at home with/ without support we will start to plan your return home.

This will be a process that might take several days or even longer.

We will discuss with you and your family how best to support you in leaving hospital.

You may not have fully recovered, but will be at a level to continue your rehabilitation journey at home.

We will put in place basic equipment to support your safety at home and arrange care support if needed.


What if I need an Occupational Therapist when I get home?


If the Occupational Therapist on the ward has thought that you may require follow up from the hospital, then you would have been referred to our outreach team, who will contact you when you have been discharged.

If not, or if your circumstances have changed after your discharge, then you will need to contact your local community therapy services via your own GP to request a referral.

What if I have already seen an Occupational Therapist in the community?


Let the Occupational Therapist on the ward know and give them their contact details.

This will help to ensure less duplication of work being completed and allow us to update your community therapist on anything that we have done for you here.