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Trusted sources of information

If you are interested in reading more about cancer and diet try not to search on Google. There are millions of websites that provide advice that is not recommended by dietitians and other healthcare professionals.

The following are trusted sources of information:

General Diet and Cancer information


Read information about maintaining a healthy lifestyle here.

Read information on Healthy Eating and Cancer here.

Read information on managing weight gain after cancer treatment here.

Cancer Research UK

Read information on diet and cancer here.

World Cancer Research Fund

Read information on eating well during cancer here.

General diet information

British Dietetic Association

Read information on food facts here.

NHS Choices

Read information on healthy eating here.

Read The Eatwell Guide here.

Tumour specific information on diet

Breast Cancer

Read information on why you need a balanced diet here.

Bowel Cancer

Read information on diet after treatment.

Kidney Cancer

Read dietary advice here.

Pancreatic Cancer

Read information on diet and pancreatic cancer here.

Prostate Cancer

Read information on diet and physical activity here.

Drink Aware

Read information on being drink aware here.

Other useful information and resources

The Fountain Centre

Access the Fountain Centre website here.


Access the Be Mindful website.