Cancer Centre

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Coronavirus advice

Cancer Centre Outpatients

Most outpatient appointments will take place over the telephone or via a video call.

If you have a planned appointment and have not heard from us to change your appointment, please contact us using the contact details on your appointment letter. Please do not come in unless we ask you to.

If you are due to come in for an appointment that we have confirmed is still happening and you or anyone in your household has suspected Coronavirus symptoms, please contact us using the contact details on your appointment letter. We will inform your consultant and let you know what to do next.


There is no longer a requirement to wear a face mask, but you may do so if you wish.

If you are experiencing any Covid 19 symptoms, please contact the department as soon as possible before your appointment.  


Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy continues to be delivered on Chilworth day unit. If you have any symptoms of Coronavirus please do not attend. To maintain some distance between people we have reduced the number of our treatment chairs and extended our opening hours, to ensure we can treat everyone without having too many people in at any one time.

Please come at the time of your appointment and not too early, to minimise your length of time on the unit. Your temperature will be taken on arrival.

Unfortunately at this time, we cannot allow any visitors or family to attend with you. If someone has travelled with you to hospital, please can we ask that they remain in their car. If you or anyone in your household has suspected Coronavirus symptoms, please contact us using the contact details on your appointment letter. We will inform your consultant and let you know what to do next.

Nuclear Medicine

All oncology diagnostic procedures will continue as normal throughout the pandemic. Some non-oncology routine scans will be postponed until further notice. Urgent molecular radiotherapy will continue. We will be telephoning all patients 24 - 48 hours before the appointment to confirm that they still wish to attend and to confirm that they have no Coronavirus symptoms at this point in time. We ask that patients attend the department no more than five minutes before their appointment and only bring someone with them if absolutely necessary, ie a carer. We also request that patients do not remain in the department between their radiopharmaceutical injection and scan and recommend that they return to their car, wherever possible, during this period. If patients are unable to do this, then they may remain in the department. 

All chairs in the waiting area are separated by a 2 metre space and we ask patients not to move these.

If you experience Coronavirus symptoms on the day of your planned procedure, please do not come in for your appointment, instead, telephone the department and we will inform your consultant and tell you what to do next.

Onslow ward

Onslow ward is currently looking after patients with cancer and patients who have had or are due to have surgery.

During this time, we would like it if you had a named contact that the ward can communicate and update you of how your relative is doing, please provide us with one contact number.

The Fountain Centre

The Fountain Centre is a small independent charity based within our Cancer Centre. They support adults and their loved ones from cancer diagnosis and beyond.

Services provided: 

  • Complementary Therapies
  • Information and sign posting
  • Emotional Support and Counselling
  • WIG Service
  • Family Service


Levels A and B, Royal Surrey Cancer Centre. 

Who we are

Chief nurse talking with another staff member, sitting on wooden chairs in a garden area

The Fountain Centre is a small independent charity supporting people affected by cancer. We are staffed mainly by volunteers and funded by caring individuals, companies and other organisations. Our centre is located on both Levels A and B of the Cancer Centre and we have a beautiful, tranquil garden.

Our aim is to provide support to as many cancer patients as possible. With this in mind, priority is always given to newly diagnosed patients. Cancer patients may receive 4 x free ‘hands on’ therapy sessions and 4 x free counselling sessions. Thereafter we ask for a donation of between £10 and £20. We rely on these donations to enable us to continue providing this service. If patients wish to continue complementary therapies once active treatment has finished, we are happy to provide information and guidance with regards to finding a therapist outside of the Fountain Centre.


• The Fountain Centre is open Monday to Thursday 9:00 – 17:00 and Friday 9:00 – 16:30 excluding bank holidays.

• You can book appointments in person at reception or by phone on 01483 406 618.

•  At busy times we give priority to current patients.

•  Most sessions last about an hour.

•  You can have one ‘hands on’ therapy in a week.

Services provided


A traditional Chinese technique which uses fine needles to balance the bodies energy flow, helping to provide short term relief from many symptoms.


The therapeutic use of essential oils to help deal with every day stresses and emotional wellbeing.


Art is a powerful non-verbal medium, enabling us to explore difficult, painful or confusing feelings in a safe environment.

Bowen Technique:

This is a gentle, holistic massage that helps the body to balance and re-align itself on many levels.

Craniosacral Therapy:

This treatment involves touch and gentle manipulation of the cranium and other parts of the body. The gentle touch of the therapist can promote a sense of well-being.

Emotional Support:

Our emotional support service includes:

  • Coaching - Coaching provides support and guidance to understand the situation you find yourself in and build resilience and resources to support yourself to move forward successfully whatever stage of your cancer journey you might be on.
  • Counselling - The aim of counselling is to enhance your overall      wellbeing by helping you to cope with and work through the situation you find yourself in.
  • Family Support Service – For children aged 18 or under who have been affected by a cancer diagnosis in the family.
  • Ward Based Listening - Service Skilled volunteers offering friendly confidential listening service to all cancer patients on wards at the Royal Surrey County Hospital.

Group therapies / programmes  

  • Emotional Freedom Technique It involves gently tapping on acupuncture points, mainly on the face and hands whilst thinking about the problem. It helps relieve stress and anxiety.
  • Look Good Feel Better Small, informal, beauty workshops, for ladies currently undergoing treatment for cancer.
  • Meditation A guided meditation session which leads to a gentle, deep and relaxing experience.
  • Pink Ribbon Programme, a six week post-operative exercise programme for breast cancer patients. It can help regain strength and mobility, help control weight, enhance energy levels and alleviate fatigue.
  • Yoga is a gentle holistic physical activity accompanied by breathing and meditation techniques.


Homeopathy is a safe form of therapy which can be used to treat symptoms alongside your hospital treatments.

Hydrotherm Massage:

Involves a massage technique where the client is supported on two pillows of warm water. This massage is delivered with the client remaining face up throughout the treatment. This can be useful for patients who have recently had surgery.


Hypnotherapy is a way of safely connecting the subconscious to elicit changes in feelings, thoughts and behaviours.


We hold lots of general and specific information that you may find useful. Please ask at Reception. We also have a library of books on various health related subjects that you are welcome to borrow.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage Technique (MLD):

Is a gentle technique used mainly on people with Lymphoedema. It is specially designed to manipulate lymph drainage from areas that are congested.


In all types of massage therapy, the intention is to relax the soft tissues. It can help relieve everyday anxiety, reduce stress, help relax, help sleep and promotes a sense of well-being.


Reflexology involves gentle massage on the feet (or hands). It can be used to alleviate and improve symptoms such as stress and tension.


Reiki can be given at any stage of medical treatment. It is a non-invasive therapy which is often given to patients on the ward. It helps to relax the body and calm the mind.


This is a massage technique used to stimulate the body’s healing ability by applying pressure to acupuncture points across the body. Loose comfortable clothing is advised.

Wig Service:

Patients can obtain a wig via the NHS wig service or our wig bank. Our hairdresser will also provide advice and information on hair care during and after treatment. Strictly by appointment.

Contact us

Telephone: 01483 406 618 


Access the Fountain Centre website here

Facebook/Twitter/Instagram: @FountainCentre