Inpatient Orthopaedics


All patients admitted under an orthopaedic or ortho-geriatric consultant are screened on a daily basis to determine whether they need to be assessed by the Occupational Therapy team.

We provide a person centred, responsive service focusing on the individual’s needs, aiming to get the individual back to their home environment being as independent as possible.

What wards do you cover?


Bramshott Ward, level C. Ext 4064

Ewhurst Ward, level C. Ext 4073

What hours are you open?


We are open 7 days a week, 8am – 4pm.

How can I contact you?


Please ring the Occupational Therapy Dept, Ext: 4766 or via the individual ward extension.

Will I see an Occupational Therapist when I am on the ward?


The role of the Occupational Therapy team is to enable you to regain independence with activities of daily living, following an injury or illness.

The team will screen all patients notes, (if admitted under an orthopaedic or ortho-geriatric consultant), to determine the need for occupational therapy intervention.

If your injury or illness has affected your ability to manage independently someone from the team will come and discuss this with you.

The level of intervention provided will be dependent upon the injury or illness and its impact on function.


Why may I need to see an Occupational Therapist?


The majority of individuals admitted under an orthopaedic or ortho-geriatric consultant, have a fracture which can impact their ability to manage daily activities independently.

The occupational therapy team can suggest and practice new techniques to manage the task independently, or provide equipment if deemed necessary following assessment.

Where an individual is unable to regain independence with a functional task, then the team can arrange onward referral for short term care/ further assessment in the community.

What assessments might the Occupational Therapy team carry out and why?


The main focus of the assessment carried out by the occupational therapy team is in relation to independent living.

The team collate information regarding your baseline level of function and home environment.

As indicated they will assess your ability to get on and off the chair, to bed and to the toilet.

They will ensure you are able to get yourself washed and dressed and are able to access food, fluid and medication.

If equipment or support on discharge is indicated, the team can ensure this is organised.

What happens following my assessment?


The occupational therapy team will discuss recommendations with you following their assessment.

If you are in agreement with the recommendations suggested, the team will action these prior to discharge from hospital.

How can I help speed up my own discharge?


Please ensure that the ward/Occupational Therapist has been given accurate phone numbers for any one that they are required to contact in the process of your assessments, this is likely to include your next of kin and/or significant other person who has access to your property/knowledge of yourself.

What if I need an Occupational Therapist when I get home?


The inpatient team will determine if you need onward referral to an occupational therapy team in the community.

If indicated this referral will be made prior to your discharge home from hospital.

Not all individuals who have required inpatient occupational therapy intervention as an inpatient, will require onward referral to the community.

Occupational Therapists are based in many different teams in the community and the inpatient team will identify the most appropriate onward referral.

Waiting times for community occupational therapy intervention can vary depending on the team you have been referred to.

What if I have already seen an Occupational Therapist in the community?


Please let the Occupational Therapist on the ward know of any previous intervention you have had from an Occupational Therapist and if possible give them their contact details of the therapist.

Likewise if you have been provided with any equipment by an Occupational Therapist please let the ward team know.

This will help us to prevent duplication and allow us to update your community therapist if you are still open to them.

Where can I find out further information about Occupational Therapy?


For further information about Occupational Therapy please visit: