Dementia Champions

Every ward and department across the hospital has a member of staff who is an allocated dementia champion. Dementia champions are staff members that have a special interest in dementia and improving the care and experience of dementia patients in the area where they work. The dementia champions have / are encouraged to attend the Tier 2 training and attend the dementia champion meetings / teaching on a regular basis. The dementia champions working on the wards / departments are a good source of advice and support.

The role of the Dementia Champion

To the patient

  • To promote the wellbeing of dementia patients staying at the Royal Surrey County Hospital.
  • To provide current, evidence based advice and support to the dementia patients on the ward.
  • To ensure that the care of dementia patients across the acute trust is standardised, evidence based and in line with best practice guidelines.

To the carer, family and friends

  • To provide advice and support to carers, family members and friends of the dementia patient.
  • To ensure that patients and carers can access a variety of resources / information around dementia and are signposted accordingly to appropriate community services and support groups.
  • To assist  in reviewing the patient and carer experience during their stay at the RSCH.

To our colleagues

  • To raise awareness, share information and empower other members of the MDT regarding dementia and caring for dementia patients.
  • To challenge poor practice appropriately.
  • To provide ongoing advice and support to our colleagues.
  • Encourage staff to utilise the forget me not symbol and the This is me / My care passport.
  • To ensure that all new documentation, policies / procedures are disseminated and embedded in the ward in a timely manner.
  • To promote multidisciplinary team working for patients with dementia.

For me

  • To develop my responsibility as a dementia champion.
  • Continue to develop my knowledge and skills in the area of dementia and act as a role model to my peers offering advice and support as required.
  • To maintain and update the dementia board on a bi-monthly basis.

Four staff of different disciplines have undertaken an accredited dementia leaders course. We also have a multidisciplinary dementia champion group that is well attended on a monthly basis.

Please be assured that a variety of dementia training is now available for all staff.

Dementia training for staff

Provision of Dementia training

A variety of dementia training is available to all staff working within the hospital. All dates, times and venues of the training can be found on the G Drive and on the SPACE platform.

Training across the trust has been key to reduce stigma and empower staff working within the clinical areas to provide good quality evidence-based dementia care. The dementia training provided across the trust has also been recognised by the Alzheimer’s society as meeting the requirements for the dementia friends training and thus all staff if they so wish they can become a dementia friend.

Dementia Training
Type of training Length of training
Tier 1 dementia training – foundation level 1 hour - Held monthly on clinical induction
Dementia virtual tour 1.5 hours - Three to six sessions per month
Tier 2 dementia training 2 days (includes the dementia virtual tour) - Four times a year