Activity volunteer team

The invaluable role of the activity volunteer was launched in early 2015. The activity volunteers work alongside our staff and enhance our patients experience during their stay in hospital. The activity volunteers not only offer a friendly face for a chat and a cuppa but they utilise the activity boxes located on the wards and provide a variety of  patient centred activities including reminiscence, games and hand massage to name a few.

Some of the activities that our activity volunteers undertake with patients can be seen below. 

Social activities

Listening to music, watching films, afternoon tea parties and reminiscence activities.

Cognitive activities

Bingo, Card games, Table games – Dominos, Chess, Jigsaws, Word and number games.

Exercise and physical activity

Use balloons, balls, quoits / hoopla, skittles, seated yoga.

Arts and crafts

Facilitating a variety of art, craft and creative activities.

Benefits of physical, social and psychological activities

The research around the benefits of providing a variety of activities to patients staying in hospital is growing exponentially.

Some of the documented benefits of the provision of activities to patients are:


  • Appetite increases
  • The immune system becomes more efficient
  • Sleep pattern and quality improves
  • Bowel function and urinary incontinence improves
  • Reduction in falls and Improvements to mobility, balance, and coordination.
  • Skin less likely to break down and the risk of pressure sores decreases
  • Respiratory disorders decrease as blood circulation improves and stimulates more efficient breathing
  • Blood pressure and the potential for thrombosis and embolism diminishes
  • Improvements in general fitness levels


  • Forming of new friendships and often enables the individual to find it easier to initiate and engage socially
  • Peoples sense of wellbeing and their self-esteem increase
  • Reduces the individuals boredom and isolation


  • Smiling, laughing, increase in talking
  • Improved sense of wellbeing including the person’s perception of their health and their self-esteem
  • Agitation diminishes and relaxation increases
  • Concentration and memory may improve

Interested in joining our Activity Volunteer Team?

If you are able to spare a few hours during your week and would like to help us make a real difference to our patients and enhance their experience during their stay in hospital then please contact Christine Beard (Voluntary services manager)