Neonatal care

Our postnatal ward provides transitional care facilities. Transitional care is offered to babies who require extra care or observations after birth, but do not require admission to the Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU).  Experienced midwives, feeding specialists and dedicated healthcare workers are close by for additional observation, care and guidance.

Babies requiring admission to our SCBU include babies that are born sick, premature babies (born between 34 -37 weeks), babies who need close monitoring and babies needing investigations. Our SCBU is alongside the maternity unit on level G with facilities that enable you to stay alongside your baby.

Group B Streptococcus Infection (GBS)

Women who have GBS in their pregnancy or a previous pregnancy may require additional monitoring for their newborn baby to check for signs of infection. When your baby is born the doctor will review your baby’s risk of infection based on factors including the course of your labour, signs of infection in you and an assessment of your baby. Please read the GBS information leaflet on your Badger Notes App for further information about the care your baby will receive.

Once you go home your care will be provided by your community midwife. Should you have any urgent concerns regarding the health of your baby please seek immediate medical advice. For babies these concerns are:

  • Grunting – noisy breathing, moaning or seems to be working hard to breathe when you look at their chest or tummy.
  • Very sleepy and/or does not respond to you.
  • Has inconsolable crying.
  • Is unusually floppy.
  • Is not feeding or cannot keep milk down.
  • Has a high or low temperature and/or their skin feels to be hot or cold.
  • Has changes in their skin colour (including blotchy skin).
  • Has an abnormally fast or slow heart rate or breathing rate.