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Why we do research?

At any one time, researchers throughout the Trust will be working on hundreds of research projects but there's always space for new ideas. Our Research and Development team work collaboratively with clinicians across the Trust to support projects from conception to submission of findings and publication. Over the next months, we'll be showcasing individuals across the organisation who have kick-started their research journey and are making a difference to the lives of Trust patients.

Barbara Moloney-Oates is a radiotherapist and has recently started working on a ground-breaking study to improve how patients get to their hospital appointments. Barbara said:

"It quickly became clear to me that vulnerable patients were often waiting for hours in the department before and after their appointments. They were too polite to complain but were missing meals and spending whole days waiting around for a 20 minute appointment. It really spurred me on to see how we could do things differently."

Barbara is now working to commission a survey which will help to improve our patients' experience and is applying for a pre-doctoral fellowship to investigate solutions which will empower patients who need help getting to hospital.

If you have a research idea, you can contact the Research and Development team on 01483 688660 or rsc-tr.ResearchAndDevelopment@nhs.net.

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