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RSCH built software to make life easier for staff

For the past four years, our Medial Physicists and Dr Sue Davidson have been developing and delivering a complex software package designed to allow all staff to produce standardised clinical pathways used throughout the Trust. The SPACE project was officially launched in June 2018 and by July 2019 had already attracted 3,000 hits per month.

This enormous piece of work, led by Dr Piers Johnston and Dr Mark Halling-Brown has standardised the process for creating clinical pathways and brought these documents to one place, securely managed online in The Space Hub. This has made accessing vital clinical pathways easier and less time consuming for clinicians, meaning they have more time to focus on their patients and is easy to access from Trust desktops.

Dr Piers Johnston said:

"It's been a privilege to work alongside such a talented team of Medical Physicists led by Dr Halling-Brown, as well as pharmacist Ali Harris and head of Dietetics, Tanya Klopper. SPACE has already made a significant difference to the working lives of RSCH clinicians and we hope to make the software available to both primary and secondary healthcare providers in the near future via an App, which is in beta testing at present."

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