Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS)

Patients may require copies of their imaging for use at external sites. 

How do I obtain a copy of my imaging on disc?

If you can attend the hospital

  • Visits the radiology reception desk (weekdays between 0830 and 1600) and ask for a copy of your imaging.
  • You will be provided with an ‘Application Form for Access to Health Records’ form to complete.
  • To verify your identity we ask for 2 types of identification at this point – one photographic, and one with proof of address.
  • The disc can then be burnt there and then for you to take away with you (takes approx. 15minutes).
  • If reports are also required, these can be printed out for the patient to take, provided you have had the results discussed with you already. 

If you cannot attend the hospital

  • An ‘Application Form for Access to Health Records’ form can be emailed to the patient to complete.
  • The completed form is returned to rsc-tr.pacsteam@nhs.net with the 2 types of identification mentioned above.
  • An encrypted (password protected) disc is then created, and posted to the patient at your home address.
  • A password letter for the disc will be posted at the same time, but in a separate envelope to the disc itself to ensure the disc data is secure.
  • Due to our Information Governance rules, we are unable to post reports to you/patients as the postal system is not secure.

To send NHS imaging to a private hospital, we need written permission from the patient to do so. The Application Form for Access to Health Records form is also used for this process (in the same ways as mentioned above).