Paediatric Imaging

The Radiology department offers a wide variety of examinations, using several different imaging techniques.

Is there any preparation for the examination?

This will depend on the type of examination. If the appointment is for speciality imaging you should have received instructions with your appointment.

Most imaging requires the removal of any clothing that will interfere with the image, such as nappies and clothing with zips and buttons, so your child may need to wear a hospital gown.

On the radiology homepage, there are some YouTube videos aimed at children and their visits to a radiology department.

If a translator is needed, please contact the department with the necessary requirements prior to the appointment.

How long will I have to wait?

We do our best to prioritise children through the department in order to minimise the waiting time.

Facilities for children

There are children’s play areas within the department equipped with various toys and books. Stickers and certificates are available for children having had an examination.

During the examination it can help if your child has a favourite toy to hold as well.

Can family come into the x-ray room?

There are strict controls for the use of x-rays and avoiding unnecessary exposures to others. 

Depending on the child’s age, requirements and the examination there are different options:

  • If possible, the child will come into the room by themselves.
  • An adult can come into the room with the child to start with but leave for the examination.
  • An adult can stay in the room behind the control panel with the member of staff.
  • The adult can stay next to the child throughout the examination. However, the adult will be required to wear lead shielding.

Siblings and other children will have to wait in the waiting room as working areas and behind control panels are not safe areas for children.

The radiology department does not have trained child carers and it is not always possible to arrange supervision for other children.

If at all possible, please make alternative arrangements for children other than those for the examination.

This would help us ease your journey through our department.


Many of the studies we perform involve the use of X-rays. We will ask mothers or female carers if they could be pregnant, if they are planning to come into the room with the child.

If you are pregnant, we suggest you bring another member of the family with you, to be with your child during the examination instead. 

Legally, we are obliged to ask any girls over the age of 12 whether there is any chance they might be pregnant.

Do you have somewhere I can change/ feed my child?

The nearest changing and nursing facilities are located near the main front reception area outside of the Anti-natal clinic.

However it may be possible to offer privacy using one of the changing facilities within the department.

Please ask a member of staff.

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