Paediatric Allergy

Our paediatric allergy service provides care for children and adolescents suffering from any aspects of allergic disease. We strive to deliver high quality holistic care in a child friendly environment. 


We manage the following allergic conditions:

  • immediate and delayed food allergies
  • drug allergies
  • asthma
  • eczema
  • allergic rhinoconjunctivitis (hay fever)
  • urticaria (hives or nettle rash)
  • angioedema (swelling)


Tests and treatments for these conditions include:

  • Skin prick tests
  • Specific IgE testing
  • Oral food and drug challenges
  • Allergen immunotherapy to house dust mite, grass and tree pollens.
  • Education on how to use devices such as inhalers, nasal sprays and adrenaline auto-injectors for severe allergic reactions, and allergy action plans and asthma action plans

About Us

Dr Paula McQueen - Consultant paediatrician with special interest in paediatric allergy

Dr Anna Rucker - Consultant paediatrician with special interest in paediatric allergy

Dr Natalia Cartledge - Consultant paediatrician with special interest in paediatric allergy and dermatology, Paediatric Allergy Lead

Mrs Corinne Spencer - Paediatric allergy nurse

Mrs Rachel Vallis - Specialist dietician


Miss Mirium Zein - PA to paediatric allergy team


Patient Information and Resources

Useful Websites

National Eczema Society - registered charity dedicated to improving the quality of life of people with eczema and their carers:

Allergy UK - national charity dedicated to supporting the estimated 21 million allergy sufferers in the UK:

BSACI - The British Society for Allergy & Clinical Immunology:

Itchysneezywheezy - provides information for allergy sufferers and health professionals:

Asthma UK - work to stop asthma attacks and, ultimately, cure asthma by funding world leading research and scientists, campaigning for change and supporting people with asthma to reduce their risk of a potentially life threatening asthma attack:

Anaphylaxis UK - provides support, and comprehensive factsheets, to everyone affected by anaphylaxis and severe allergies:


Information Leaflets

Allergy UK - Allergic Rhinitis and Hayfever

Allergy UK - Wasp and Bee Sting

Allergy UK - Early weaning information

Allergy UK - House dust mites

BSACI - House dust mite - avoidance

BSACI - How to perform nasal douching

BSACI - Nasal spray - how to use

BAD - urticaria and angioedema

BDA - Vitamin D

iMAP - Getting enough calcium on a milk-free - Factsheet for Parents 

iMAP - milk ladder

iMAP - milk ladder recipes

NES - Factsheet Topical Steroids

Food allergies and eczema