Oncology Dietetic Team (including Haemato-oncology & Young Adults)

We look after patients being treated for cancer in the Cancer Centre. We help with nutritional problems that you have during treatment including poor appetite, weight loss, gastro-intestinal complications, and coping with symptoms and side effects.  

How can I arrange a referral to the dietitian?

Any healthcare professional in the cancer centre can refer you to us. We also accept self-referrals. Just ask your nurse or doctor to contact us with the relevant details or contact us directly.

Where are clinics held?

Our appointments are held in Outpatients 12 (Cancer Centre) and on The Teenage & Young Adult Unit at the Royal Surrey.

Will I need to make a special trip to the hospital to see the dietitian?

No. We will aim to see you at the same time as your clinic appointments so that you do not need to make an extra journey to the hospital. The dietitians will know about your other appointment times and come and find you when you are at the cancer centre.

What should I bring to my appointment?

You do not need to bring anything else with you when you see the dietitian.

What do I need to do to cancel or reschedule my appointment?

We will know if your Oncologist appointment is cancelled or rescheduled, so you do not need to contact us.


If I am admitted to hospital will I be able to see the dietitian?

There is a dietetic service to all the wards in the hospital. If you are admitted and need support from the dietitian your doctor or nurse can refer you to us.

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