Optasia Medical Ltd

Who are we?

We are a third party teleradiology company who work for the NHS, specialising in osteoporosis. We provide a secondary read on medical images to help identify patients aged 50 and over that have spine fractures and need further follow up by their hospital or GP.

Why we process information about your RSCH patients

Optasia access information about Royal Surrey County NHS Foundation Trust (RSCH) patient(s) on the hospital server, via a secure connection, and process images. The information we access is kept to the minimum for the purpose and contains confidential and sensitive health information such as date of birth, hospital number and clinical reports so that Optasia can make an accurate diagnosis.

How will patient information be used

This information is analysed to identify patients at risk of osteoporosis and spine fractures. The outcomes are reported directly onto the hospital system for the Fracture Liaison Service to review who may refer the patient(s) to their GP for follow-up where appropriate.

Patients’ right to opt out

Patients have a right to opt out of their information being processed by Optasia Medical Ltd.  If you wish to ‘opt-out’ of your information being shared for the purpose detailed, please contact RSCH Medical Records Department to record your wishes and to mark the records to ensure they are not accessed by Optasia Medical Ltd.

Optasia will not publish any information that identifies patients or disclose any information about them without express permission.  At any time the patient(s) have the right to refuse or withdraw consent to information sharing. Anyone who receives information from Optasia is also under a legal duty to keep this information confidential.

Security of information

All employees of Optasia Medical Ltd are subject to our Data Protection Policy and Confidentiality Agreement. The information we hold about RSCH patients is therefore protected from unauthorised access. Where information sharing is required with third parties, we will not disclose any health information unless explicit consent has been given, unless there are exceptional circumstances such as when the health and safety of others is at risk, where the law requires it or to carry out a statutory function.

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