how to complete (fill in) my hospital passport


photosymbols image for staff supporting form filling 

You might want or need someone to help you fill in your Hospital Passport.


This is ok.


photosymbols image for support team 

People that know you well are the best people to help you. 


This could be someone in your family, a good friend, or someone who helps you.


photosymbols image for information 

Try and fill in all of the form. 


This means that the Hospital Staff know as much as possible about what you need when you come to the Hospital.


Photosymbols image for you choose 

You can choose how you want to fill in your Hospital Passport:


photosymbols image for support with writing 

You can write in your Hospital Passport with pen. 



Photosymbols image for computer work 

You can use your computer (typing) to fill in your Hospital Passport.