Supporting your development

We’re fully committed to training, educating and developing our workforce with the knowledge, skills and capabilities to provide a high quality customer-focussed service to our patients, service users and carers.

We provide learning opportunities from induction to leadership and management development programmes for those with line management responsibility.

Our offer includes recruiting apprentices, career development, leadership and management development, plus statutory and mandatory training.

As a Trust we are also committed to using Quality Improvement methodology in our day to day work and ultimately as the vehicle for how we deliver our strategic goals. We provide a range of training, courses and support to give the tools to lead and deliver real change in their areas.

Apprenticeships - development for everyone

Apprenticeship is a nationally recognised training programme that combines working with studying for a work-based qualification.

The qualifications vary from level 2 (GCSE) to level 6/7 (degree, master’s level) can be over one to four years in length (depending on the programme). They can only be funded through the apprenticeship levy which the government introduced in April 2017.

Leadership and management development

We believe that excellent leadership and people management are fundamental to the success of enabling and delivering our people strategy and we offer support, coaching and development to those on a leadership journey.

Statutory & Mandatory Training

Aligned to the Core Skills Training Framework, statutory and mandatory training is an integral component of professional practice which provides knowledge and skills for our workforce. All staff are expected to be compliant with their statutory and mandatory training – the trust compliance target is 90% for most topics and 95% for Information governance.

All staff should be up-to-date with their statutory and mandatory training. Try one of the approved quizzes now! Please select one of the following quizzes and then forward them to relevant department which is stated at the end of the quiz for marking. If successful, your training record will be updated as compliant for another prescribed frequency. If however, you are unsuccessful in achieving the pass mark, you will be required to attend face-to-face training or to complete an e-learning module in order to gain your compliance. 

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