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Woking Public - Wendy Osborne

I am looking forward to using my professional skills in HR and Operational Management as well as life experience in support of my local NHS Trust as a Governor for Woking.

Now retired I have lived in Woking for 30+ years as a neighbour, parent, business owner, recycler, charity supporter and for the past 5 years an Apiarist. My children grew up here and the family have appreciated our local NHS services. My pre-school grandchildren enjoy Grandma's messy playtime. We glue, create, bake or just get wet.

In a 35+ year professional career, I have engaged with all levels and diversity of staff, across sectors (M&S, City of London, local business, and charity) rising to global levels of responsibility.  

Non-confrontational, calm in style, I none-the-less get the job done. I am pragmatic, with well-developed organisational and solid people and project management skills, which I will use in this role.

I am Registered Disabled with severe sight impairment, which does not inhibit my work performance or my love of skiing, swimming, exploring new horizons, antiques, interiors or gardening.