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Guildford Public - Ray Rogers

Id pic of public governor Ray Rogers

I am an elected Governor for Guildford (see my blog

I chair the Patient Experience Committee and Performance Working Group.

More importantly I try to be close to patients:

  • Speaking with patients in the Eye Clinic (reporting bad experience spurred the clinic rebuild)
  • Organising inspections for cleanliness and maintenance
  • Capturing experience of patients in St Luke’s.


  • Medical physicist
  • Director of UK body responsible for medical devices
  • Director, Department of Health, responsible for information management and IT in the NHS.

I was responsible for performance indicators in the NHS, experience I try to apply e.g. to

  • mortality
  • infections
  • cancer survival
  • cancer waits
  • deaths for venous thrombo embolisms
  • dementia
  • hospital audits.

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