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Scientist’s research enhances understanding of rare liver disease

Research carried out by our scientists has enhanced the understanding of a rare liver disease.

Professor Aftab Ala has been carrying out a study into Wilson’s Disease in collaboration with Dr Chris Harrington from our Supra-Regional Assay Service, Trace Element Laboratory.

Wilson’s Disease is a rare condition, effecting 1 in 30,000 people, where sufferers have a higher than normal amount of copper in their body.

This can build up in several organs, particularly the liver and the brain.

The disease can often go undiagnosed, which can result in liver and neurologic damage which, without treatment, would eventually prove fatal.

The latest research provides new insights into the distribution and metabolism of copper in these patients.

It is hoped the measurements provided by Dr Harrington will provide the opportunity for new diagnostic approaches, earlier screening strategies and better treatment monitoring in Wilson’s patients and also provides a promising new approach to investigate other disease states related to Copper and other trace elements.

The research undertaken in collaboration with local and international partners enhances our reputation as NHS England’s Centre of Excellence in Wilson’s Disease.

The research will be published in February’s edition of 'Analytica Chimica Acta'.

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