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Knit hearts for patients and families during Covid-19

As part of one of our new initiatives to help keep patients and their families in touch during Covid-19, pairs of homemade hearts that have been lovingly made by local knitters, crafters and charities are being distributed to our inpatient wards and departments. One of the hearts is given to the patient, and the matching one is given to their relative. These hearts can be kept with them and held during this challenging time to help them feel connected.

If you are a knitter or perhaps fancy learning a new skill, then you can help out by knitting hearts and sending them to Royal Surrey.

You can find out how to knit them using these instructions which have been provided by one of our generous local knitters. Once they are done and packaged correctly to insure Infection Control precautions are taken (as stated in the instructions), please send them to: Message to a Loved One, Royal Surrey Hospital, Egerton Road, Surrey, GU2 7XX.

Thank you for all your continued support and generosity during this time.

Royal Surrey Charity

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